Keep your child Engaged and Learning in our Fun

Virtual Visual Expression Classes
Juna Vagus Virtual Visual Expression Classes are an illuminating way to keep your child engaged at home while building a positive perspective of traditional African cultural design and creativity. Through a unique art activity, our talented and inspiring art instructor Donna-Lee Bolden-Kerr will take your child on a journey to discover the core messages colour, numbers, animals, and symbols can communicate to us. At Juna Vagus Virtual Visual Expression Classes we work to demonstrate the importance of shaping a culture that celebrates differences.

How we work with Schools
We offer 1–2-hour Virtual Visual Expression Classes. We work collaboratively with individual schools as well as District School Boards to provide our visual programing to their students. Please reach out to us here to request a workshop with Juna Vagus Virtual Visual Expression Classes.

Engaging Classes, In-depth Creative Experiences
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Who should take Juna Vagus Virtual Visual Expression Classes:
-Individuals who seek a creative experience that is imaginative and playful.
-Those who want a nonjudgmental, safe environment to tap into and release their creativity.
-Art lovers who want to practice and expand their creative skills and worldly, knowledge.
-Those who want to learn a fun way to think that will deepen their connection with their own inner vision.
-Those who want to use art as a healing tool
-Those who want to learn how to focus their intention and center their attention on what they desire to manifest in life.