Photography and Paintings

I’m not really sure how I achieve the results that I do in my paintings or my photography. Could it be simply being in the right place at the right time….

While in the throws of a painting or taking a photograph, I know that I simply ‘let go’ of control and ride the wave of ‘natural mystic’ in the atmosphere.  It is like a dreaming meditation and by ‘letting go’, it allows the magic to happen.

When painting, I see images coming through the portals in my minds eye, from unseen higher dimensions. Then my hands interpret the magic using different colors, lines and textures of acrylic paint. I like acrylic paint best because of its fast drying capability. It holds the energy of a swift gesture of the paintbrush better, because it dries so fast. I treasure the spontaneity of that process.

In the case of the photography, my eyes become the portal and that makes for a faster and more powerful way of capturing a unique moment in time. Again, I treasure the spontaneity of that process.

In the end, ‘letting go’ naturally allows the spiritual element to come through these portals in the form of symbolism; which is only fitting seeing as it is the language of my Kemetic ancestors. ÀSE