As a sculptor, I am intrigued by shape, form, mass and the gesture of it. I love the physical act of molding and shaping clay, creating something from a distorted mound. 

My main objective is in capturing the gesture of the sculpture, the expression of energy that is being transferred through me, and the flow of something divine that has significantly impacted my circumference of awareness. These 3D messages always come together in the form of signs and symbols, (some of which I could not decode the message until years after creating them). It is only through the study of my Kemetic ancestor’s over-standing of science, astrology, geometry, chemistry, numerology, spirituality, metaphysics, and signs and symbols that the messages have become more obvious. 

I’ve devised a meditative technique when molding the clay. Combined together with the meticulous placement of fine sculptural details, it helps me to connect with the inner side of my creative spirit. I call it ‘daydreaming awake’ and I know these sculptures are all explorations of some subconscious over-standing of a universal truth. They all feel like treasures I’ve brought back through a major communication portal, to share and learn from. ÀSE