The process of creation for me begins with, what I playfully express as a ‘home page takeover of my mind, body and soul’...

First I become one with the stillness of the atmosphere around me. It’s like the calm before the storm. Then, what I feel so deeply within me (sensations and vibrations) is born outside of me. Next, I prepare my medium of creative execution; paint, clay, photography, or mixed media and like a rush of good news I’m overtaken with the urge to start creating. It is as if a message has arrived for me from out of the blue, and I must let go and free myself from trying to control the moment, in order for me to realize and capture the visual wave being downloaded and transmitted in that very instant. Sometimes the moments are fleeting and sometimes they last for weeks or even months. The result is an amazing personal experience, and a well-documented record of this injection of creative wisdom.

This wisdom often comes clothed in the form of signs, symbols, and colors. For example, the circle is universal throughout my body of work. I only noticed it because my husband mentioned it one day, while reviewing a catalog of my works from the 1990-2010.  To my surprise, I discovered that the circle was one of the most revered symbols in accident African history. It is the call to self- consciousness, a quest to Know Thyself first. I AM the circle, determined to cipher in all that I do, touch and speak here on earth. 

Sometimes my creations are smaller individual pieces that will eventually be a part of a larger installation. As I continue to seek a deeper over-standing of my visual communications, I continued to ‘Sankofa’ through accessorial knowledge and I’m growing into the artist I’ve always dreamed of being.

Messages are purposefully being transmitted to me as part of the continued discussion on the importance of change, challenges, transformation and transitioning from one creative dream world into the next.

I have a limitless archive of creativity waiting to be realized from deep within.