Transcendental Visual Artist, Donna-Lee Bolden-Kerr goes deep within her soul to retrieve the lost pieces of her cultural roots and ancient heritage. 

Then with unimaginable depth, shape, color and passion, she reflects back to us and to her own-self all the glorious treasures she has found there. For the artist, creating this body of art has been a sacred and creative journey. “It all started in the mid 90’s and has continued to get more and more intense as the years have gone by. Every piece revealed itself at different challenging times in my life and at the time, I had no idea that they were all inter-related until now”. 

Donna-Lee perceives each piece as an awakening of sorts - a sacred communication that has been birthed through her. She calls them her Impact Statements, as each piece has provided her with the power of inner sight, and a language of communication that exists above and beyond the normality of day-to-day life. 

“It was as if I plucked these images off an ancient vine, and it took me years to realize the art was speaking to me”

Visual art is her gift to the universe and like the hieroglyphic symbols her ancestors carved upon the walls of Kemet, Donna-Lee knows her work will stand the test of time, teach valuable lessons, and empower many with similar creative talents to pursue their inner dialog.

Donna-Lee invites you to take a walk through her impact statement galleries, ask questions, join the conversation and if you know someone who is struggling to find their creative voice (be it a visual artist, aspiring singer, writer, photographer etc.) direct them to junavagus.com to join the conservation.