13 Jun

Higher Vibrations

Posted by JunaVagus

I’ve created this blog as a means of voicing my point of view with regards to the journey into and throughout the creative process. I also, wanted to document some of the life experiences that feed my work and give birth to what I call my creative ‘impact statements’.  I though this would be a great way to reach out to other creative people in order to establish a reflective dialogue.

By staying active in seeking who I am as a visual communicator, I’m continually learning and improving my over-standing of the world around and within me. As a result, my interests in spirituality, metaphysics, and ancient signs and symbols is becoming more and more apparent in my creative works. Interestingly enough, I did not know I was infusing ancient signs and symbols into my work for years and years. I now call myself a transcendental visual artist, because I realize that at the heart of my creative process is a preoccupation with seeking knowledge from above and beyond the repetition of day-to-day life.

My ability to bring images from a higher vibration in my minds eye and see them realized under the sun is like producing a “dreaming meditation”. Moving forward, it is my belief that by concentrating all of my energies on producing works of art that are for me a truth first, that is, works of art that are from my heart and soul unmitigated by mainstream popular culture will more likely bring me recognition I can live with and more importantly grow with.

Remember to check out some of my creative experiences found in my gallery at www.junavagus.com. Share your thoughts and let’s continue to elevate the vibrations!